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Walker’s Electionri

Hi mate, welcome to my blog–electionri.

My name is Gareth Walker and I am a university student majoring in Business Management in my second year. I’m from Brisbane but currently am enrolled in The University of Melbourne, Australia, however, the subjects that my blog covers are not tied to business but an extensive range of topics. You can expect my personal thoughts on subjects and also my experience and insights that I get from daily on-campus as well as off-campus life in a blog format. My goal is to build an informative and helpful general blog where people stumble upon and find useful and beneficial at some extent for something in their life.

I am very active in many different groups and currently I am the president of a fundraising group in my university. We are running a campaign with the purpose of raising funds for water supply in Africa and giving out free promotional products for school. I am looking to use blogging platform to get the words out there and heard by more people in order to get more attention to insufficient clean water supply in African countries like Ethiopia, Chad and Ghana. Those African countries are listed on 10 Places Most in Need of Clean Water, and our African companions need a hand and help. Even if it could seem very little and subtle, it could mean a 1 month clean water supply for them.

The diversity of people is very obvious in Melbourne. We get thousands of people from every country to travel or move to Melbourne every day. This makes Melbourne a dynamic, diverse and fun city to visit and also live in. I am spreading my words and love from this lovely and beautiful city. Feel free to drop a line to me, any enquiries or suggestions are welcome, besides, it would even great if you simple want to reach out to me for one more connection. If you are coming to Melbourne by any chance in the future and need a guide, also don’t hesitate to drop a line to let me know because I would love to meet new people and show them around!